Tips for Photographing Your Autistic Child

Photographing an Autistic child can be very difficult because of their special needs. Sitting in one position can be very hard for them. They may have sensory issues that make bright lights disturbing. Here are some tips successfully getting pictures of your Autistic child.

1. If you plan to use a professional photographer, be sure to tell them ahead of time that your child is Autistic. Make sure they are aware of any problems with sitting still, or with any issues that would make bright lights difficult. If they know in advance, they will have time to think through any changes that may need be made.

2. Consider taking pictures of your Autistic child yourself, while at home or on an outing. It is not essential that a photograph be taken by a professional photographer for it to be good. You may even want to take a picture of them while they are sleeping if it is difficult for your child to sit still.


3. Plan to take your child to have their picture made during a good time of the day. If afternoons are more likely to be filled with temper tantrums and meltdowns, make the appointment for another time when your child is more likely to be relaxed – first thing in the morning, for example.


4. Taking a special toy along to the photo session may help Your child to feel more relaxed and to remain calm while their picture is being taken. Your child may insist on holding the toy. If so, ask the photographer if he or she can include it in the picture. In some cases, your child may not like to look directly at the camera. Maybe you can get a good picture while they are looking up.

5. Perhaps it would be better to have a photographer come to the house. This would allow them to capture your autistic child in his or her natural setting. Your child may feel more relaxed and better able to cooperate. You may also want to Consider taking the pictures out of doors.

6. Sometimes, when a child cannot sit still for a picture, it is helpful to allow them to stand, or even to lie down if they wish. It is best to not try to force them to assume a position that they are not comfortable with. This could lead to a meltdown. As much as possible, allow them to direct the photo shoot. If this is a problem for the photographer, you may have to find someone else who able to be more flexible.

7. Talk with other parents of autistic children. Find out where they have taken their autistic children and how they have handled the experience. You may learn about someone who is experienced at dealing with special children.

8. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes when having pictures made. There is no rule that says that every picture of your child must him or her in formal wear. Autistic children with sensory issues may be really bothered by uncomfortable clothing.

9. Remember to not push too hard for a perfect picture. Pictures of your children laughing and playing often are just as good or better than pictures where they are sitting posed. Pushing too hard for a perfect picture may upset your child to the point where you will not be able to get a picture at all.

10. Autistic children will need time to warm up to the camera. If they have not had their picture taken before, show them how it works. This can help them to be calmer and more relaxed.


In general, try and make the whole experience as calm and relaxing for your child as possible. You want your child to feel at ease. In the end, the pictures you get will turn out better if your child is able to just be himself.