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Aspergers and Autism are both on the autism spectrum. People with Aspergers Syndrome usually have normal language skills. Social interaction is often their main problem.  The time when these problems are noticed first is when a child starts to school. There is a wide range of signs and symptoms of Aspergers.  A child may have several of the signs, or only a few. Some of the more common signs of Aspergers Syndrome are listed below in a sort of Aspergers symptoms checklist.

1. It is difficult for them to talk to other children. Going up to someone and starting a conversation is very hard for children with Aspergers syndrome.

2. They use words that are more advanced than other children their age. A child with Aspergers may use words adults would normally use.

3. They will often not understand when someone is joking, or being sarcastic. It is difficult for children with Aspergers to understand people’s tones voices. They tend to take seriously everything that is said.

4. Their interests will be very limited. An Aspergers Syndrome child may tend to focus on only one thing. For example, they may find puzzles fascinating and want to work on puzzles all the time. Often they will want to learn everything they can about one subject to the exclusion of everything else.

5. Changes in their routine will be very hard for them. When a child starts school, for example, may be a very hard time for them. The routine they had at home is now being changed. This can happen at breaks during the school year, too.  This problem is common for children with Aspergers Syndrome.

6. Talking a lot can be a sign of Aspergers.  Children with Aspergers often say whatever is on their mind, even if it is not appropriate. Their conversations tend to be one sided. It may seem that the child is talking to you, but they may really just be talking at you.

7. Difficulty with making friendships. Because of their inability to relate to the other children, it is hard for Kids with Aspergers to make friends. Sometimes they try so hard to make friends that they end up scaring the other children away.

8. Lack of eye contact.  Usually, children with Aspergers do not look others in the eye when speaking to them. This is also a common trait of Autistic children.

9. They will tend to display repetitive movements, like spinning around, or rocking back and forth while sitting. Repetitive movements like these seem to calm Aspergers children.

10. They may have problems with the way they speak. They may speak really fast, and they normally will not stop to find out whether the other person is paying attention or not. Their tone of voice may be flat.  They often will not change the tone of their voice to show emotions.

11. Coordination skills may be a problem.  Children with Aspergers will often have poor coordination. You may notice them frequently stumbling or tripping over their own feet. It may take longer than normal for them to learn how to ride a bike.

Asperger children are on the higher end of the Autism spectrum. They tend to be highly intelligent.  They frequently have very good language skills. They can often learn the social skills they need to function effectively in society. If you notice signs such as these in your child it would be a good idea to tell the doctor.