Are Alternative Treatments For Autism Scientifically Valid?

I just read a very interesting blog post at Autism Watch.  It was written by James R. Laidler, M.D., and entitled “Through the Looking Glass: My Involvement With Autism Quackery.”  It was very thought provoking and calls into question some of the information on this blog!  I think you will find it to be very interesting.

By-the-way, speaking of alternative treatments, I just posted a page about dairy free diets.  There also is a new page about the importance of maintaining good schedules for autistic children.

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Author: Larry

I am a grandfather. I have six great grandchildren. One of my grandchildren has severe autism. Because of that, I am very interested in what causes autism, and what can be done to help children who have autism or care for children with autism or Aspergers Syndrome.