Early Diagnosis of Autism: Good Thing, Or Bad?

Apparently, there is a big debate going on about whether or not it is appropriate for children to be diagnosed with such things as depression, ADHD, autism, etc. Some feel that there is too much early diagnosing of these kinds of things and that it is a problem becaues diagnosis leads to medication. They say that we are turning normal behaviors of young children into diseases that must be treated and they believe that is wrong. Others say that early diagnosis leads to early intervention and that, they say, is a good thing.

Here is a link to a recent article on the Psychology Today website entitled, To diagnose or not diagnose our children; tht is the question.

What do you think? Is early diagnosis helping or harming children?

A good source for information about dealing Autistic children is The Essential Guide to Autism.

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Author: Larry

I am a grandfather. I have six great grandchildren. One of my grandchildren has severe autism. Because of that, I am very interested in what causes autism, and what can be done to help children who have autism or care for children with autism or Aspergers Syndrome.