Autism Symptoms Checklist

It can be very difficult to diagnose Autism because its signs and symptoms vary so much from ome child to the next.  It may take years to diagnose Autism in some children who function on the higher end of the spectrum.  The factors that go into diagnosing Autism are many and varied.  This article will discuss some of the criterial used to decide if a child has Autism.

Doctors use an Autism symptoms Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - 2nd Edition New Price: $28.49 Old Price: $29.99You Save: $1.50 (as of 02/21/2018 04:44 UTC) checklist with factors that must be considered to suspect the possibility of Autism.  It includes such factors as poor interpersonal skills, the tendency to focus for long periods on a single object, poor communication skills, and dependence or insistence on routines.  Doctors will want to evaluate the child further when these signs of Autism are present.  Usually, they will have a lot of questions for the partents and others who know the child well.  They may ask the child’s parents and teachers to fill out questionaires.  Comparing the answers on these forms will allow the doctors to determine if there are similar results.  Further testing will be a possibility if the results seem to point to a problem.

At present, there is no single test for Autism.  Usually, appointments with several different health professionals will be required.  This is necessary to eliminate other health conditions that could cause your child to have similar problems.  Symptoms that appear to be Autism signs in children can be due to several other health conditions.  For example, children may be late talking because they have hearing problems.  The child’s hearing must be tested before Autism is considered.  Before diagnosing a child with Autism, other medical conditons that could present similar symptoms should be evaluated using an autism symptoms checklist.

Before receiving a diagnosis of Autism, a team of medical professionals will evaluate a child. The team will include the child’s doctor, a psychologist, a neurologist, a speech therapist, and a psychiatrist. After the team evaluates the child, they will consult together to compare their findings. A meeting with the parents will then be set up so that they can go over their findings. A treatment plan will be developed If the diagnosis of Autism is made.

Autism signs in children will vary from child to child.  The signs will be different in each child.  The degree to which the symptoms show up will be different, too. Because of this, getting a diagnoses of Autism may take longer for some children. Once the diagnoses has been made, it is very important to start a treatment plan. Following a good treatment plan will help your Autistic child to have a better life.  Although there is no cure for Autism at this time, there are many treatment options that can help to reduce the symptoms.